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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Right here, right now

All I ever wanted from this whole ‘drawing’ thing was to be able to sketch something recognizable.
To put pen to paper and have someone say, “Yes, that’s a flower" (or whatever.)
I don’t care if the proportion isn’t right. It doesn’t matter if the shape is slightly wonky or if the highlighting isn’t quite spot on.

I’m not looking to be the next BIG ARTIST. 

This whole journey has been for me. And although I know I have much further to go, I’m happy where I am, right now, right here.

(I hope I can remember this the next time Miss Muse takes a vacation and the inner critic is having a field day! LOL)


  1. I love your drawings! and I love that you seem to be able to do it so often and of such a variety of subjects. Keep up the wonderful creating! And I can't wait to try the biscotti recipe from an earlier post! Thanks!

  2. Well you are doing super even if you just hoped for recognizable! Love your chair here.

  3. I love the sofa, it makes me want to snuggle down in it with a good book. Your work is wonderful Robin, inspiring, individual, quirky and delicious. Keep it coming. xx

  4. Love, love, love, the drawing and that you are happy with it! There's nothing better.

  5. Love this drawing, too. That chair is soooooo inviting.

  6. Well now you have it in writing - online - with picture - so you can look back when the muse is in hiding! Remember...the muse comes to the moving brush...


    The big red chair is fabuloso!


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