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Sunday, July 10, 2011

One Wish

As a kid I always wondered what I would wish for if I ever came across the elusive genie in a bottle. I struggled for years to come up with the perfect wish.
Now I know EXACTLY what I would wish for.
I want one more day with my parents.
I want them at a time when they were both still healthy. When my father was at the peak of his career, and my mother was most content.
I want to be a kid, still living in their home, but I want my mind as it is now, with the realization that I won’t have them forever.
 I want to laugh again at my father’s stupid puns. I want to feel my mother’s unconditional love and enjoy her cooking. I even want my annoying (at the time) older brother to be there.
I want, for just one more day, that feeling of total contentment, of belonging and security. Of knowing absolutely for sure they ‘got my back’.


  1. I know exactly what you mean Robin. Oh for that special time....but, in a way, we have them in our hearts and minds - forever.

  2. You're right, Ann. And in that way they are always healthy and happy.

  3. Oh yeah, and time to say "I love you" while they are able to appreciate it.


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