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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Speaking of Entertaining the Neighborhood…

Husband is an accomplished boater, having lived on the water and had boats all his life.
One day he got the brilliant idea that I needed a boat of my own.
So he bought a small aluminum boat with a 9HP outboard motor.
And gave it to me.


Then he had to teach me how to drive it.

He showed me how to ‘choke’ it, how to start it with the pull ‘thingie’, and that when you want to go right you turn the handle left…….?????? And vice versa.
And how to put it into neutral to slowly and smoothly slide up to the dock.

Ah, the docking.

 Now here’s where I really excelled!    

You see, boats don’t have brakes.

And as I slammed time and time again into our dock, the neighbors came out to see what all the commotion was about (I think the uproarious laughter also brought many of them out to watch!)

I spent all that afternoon trying to learn to dock that stupid dingy!

I’d like to say I finally mastered it.

But I’d be lying! 


  1. At least you can drive it Robin - to me boats have a pointy end and a blunt end !!

  2. Lol, you left the pier out of your picture. Isn't there anything left of it? I got to learn to drive a stick shift across the busiest street in town when my husband decided to teach me. Couldn't he have picked a quiet area? Husbands must think we are pretty able since they figure we can handle these things!

  3. Robin...you tell a hilarious story and add JUST the right sketches - or is it the other way around?!? At any rate...I see a best seller in your future.


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