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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Remember Etch-A-Sketch?

I had an etch-a-sketch. My brother broke it.
We were at Gettysburg (my father, being a history major in college, dragged us to every historical site on the eastern seaboard for our vacations!)
I was minding my own business (and not taunting my brother for a change) and he dropped a lead bullet on the screen .
My parents had bought him a box of lead bullets at the gift shop as an educational toy! (Oh, the good old days! LOL)
I was upset, at first. But then it was kind of cool because we got to look inside and see how it worked.
To shut me up and stop the fight that ensued my parents promised to buy me another one.
Funny, I don’t remember getting a new one!

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  1. Oh memories Robin!...I remember etch-a-sketch...had the most terrible trouble with it, somehow it hated me and wouldn't do what I wanted, I'd end up wiping, by mistake, what I had spent ages trying to draw!:/ grrrrrr and in frustration ended up with a good old pencil and paper:)


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