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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blue Moon

It was a blue moon (second full moon in a calendar month) last night.
Thought I’d fool around with the camera a bit.
I’m having trouble focusing when it’s zoomed all the way out, even with the tripod, but considering the moon is 238,855 miles away, I don’t think these are too bad! LOL


  1. These are brilliant photos. Must have been good seeing such an unusual event like this.

  2. These are fabulous pictures Robin! WOW!

  3. Great pics and the moon even looks blue!

  4. Oh wasn't the moon beautiful! I enjoyed seeing it as well, but lazily didn't get out the camera. Beautiful pics!

  5. Wow,Robin! These are awesome photos. You are doing some cooooooool stuff with your new toy.


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