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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Support Your Local Distillery

I totally believe in supporting local businesses. 
I frequent the small independent hardware store. 
Before they closed (were taken over by the BigBoys) I used an independent pharmacy.
We go to the farmers market and ‘buy local’ as much as possible.

So when I learned that we have our very own local independent rum distillery I was all……..I’m in!

Wicked Dolphin is a family run craft distillery making award winning artisan rum.
They use local sugar and work with local farmers for their other ingredients, in keeping with the ‘local’ mindset.

They have tours every Tuesday and Thursday open to the public.
Husband and I were ‘Johnny on the spot’ the very first day. (If you go to their Facebook page and scroll down to July 1st you’ll see a picture of Husband. I was hiding behind him!)

It’s an interesting little tour and you get to taste some of their rum at the end.

It is hands down, without a doubt the BEST rum I have ever tasted. (and I am somewhat of an expert on rum…..;)

If you get a chance, try it! I totally recommend it!

I am a non paid, unofficial spokesperson for Wicked Dolphin.  LOL
No, I didn’t get any free rum for this post. Only what everyone gets during the tour!


  1. This sounds like the kind of place I would love to visit too. We once did a tour of a whiskey distillery in Scotland (saw men in skirts too!) lol. I do think you cheated by hiding in the photo though! Love your drawing of the bottle :)

  2. I've never been to a distillery or vineyard for a tasting (though I'd like to go to a vineyard) The only factory tour I ever took was to the Wonderbread factory in the town where I grew up. We got to taste fresh baked bread.

  3. oh, and the tour was with my Girls Scout troop when I was a kid

  4. Oh boy! Jerry and I will have to visit when we're in that area next!

  5. I just browsed photos and didn't find you hiding. You really hid well!


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