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Monday, September 5, 2011

Cat Litter Conundrum

Tell me, what is the point of clumping cat litter IF IT DOESN’T CLUMP?
It’s not as if the whole bag was mislabeled. Or I bought the wrong kind.
It’s all from the same bag. And yet sometimes it clumps and sometimes it doesn’t.
And sometimes it cements itself to the bottom of the litter box!
So instead of being able to daintily scoop it out and dispose of it (as the commercial infers) here I am, rubber gloved and face masked, chiseling it out!
Kind of defeats the purpose!
It's times like this that makes me question the wisdom of having a cat. (LOL)


  1. You're SO funny! I LOVE your sketch!!! Robin...try putting the litter box inside a plastic bag and then dump in the litter. Whisk that bag off as you turn it inside out and you still need the gloves and mask...but sooooo much easier.

  2. I use a very large amount of litter so it doesn't quite sink to the bottom but it still sticks to the sides at times. I keep switching brands as it does seem sometimes that what was working suddenly isn't! Cute drawing. I haven't resorted to that yet!

  3. Sounds like a bit of a problem here...why don't you put a sheet of newspaper or something similar at the very bottom of the tray with the litter on top, then the cleaning/chiseling may be easier!....just a thought.....LOL, ann.


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