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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Farts Are Funny

And if you don’t think so you’ve never had dinner at our house! LOL

I tried, I really did!
I tried to raise the boys with at least a modicum of respectability and manners. But it’s hard when you’re surrounded by all that testosterone!

And Husband was no help. He turned into a twelve year old as soon as dinnertime approached.

I would try and teach them the proper way to set the table, the correct utensils to use and when. To put the napkin on their laps.

They would always say, “Why do we need to know these things?”

And I would reply, “Because someday you might be invited to a State Dinner at the White House and you need to know how to act!”

It didn’t make much of an impression. They never were convinced that would ever really happen. (Someday though, I’m POSITIVE I’m going to be vindicated on this! LOL)

When they got older I tried appealing to their vanity and telling them, “Girls don’t like to hear burps and farts at the table, and someday you’re going to be invited to your girlfriend’s house for dinner and you’ll need to know how to act!”

I think they finally got it, but I have to say I really miss those dinners!
We ate and shared the day’s events and laughed until tears ran down our cheeks (and sometimes milk squirted out of noses, I’m ashamed to say)!

And to tell you the truth,  (just between you and me and the lamppost) farts ARE funny!


  1. OMG!..only you could bring this subject up and get away with it..lol... I completely know what you mean, when our kids were little, it was our son who was the worst culprit - thankfully he is now 30 years old and no 'pop pops' get mentioned!

  2. YOU are funny! I used to tell mine that they might be invited to dine with the Queen someday, so they'd better be ready. Oh, and yes, milk out the nose: we called that "milk nazing."

  3. OM Goodness!! How I can relate to this story. And as my mother would say ," the topic of farting has been the ribald of conversation in our family for generations." lol. And yes, I agree with you, farts ARE funny. I cannot believe I am writing this. lol

  4. This sounds like our dinners except I have daughters rather then sons.... it is still the same, and they laugh at me as I try to teach them manners... I have stopped. If they don't know it now they never will. (and yes my husband is like a 12 year old too)


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