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Friday, February 24, 2012

Mickey? You in There?

Son1 loved Mickey Mouse.
I mean he LOVED Mickey Mouse!
He had a Mickey doll, Mickey sheets, Mickey clothes, Mickey slippers. He watched Mickey videos ad nauseum!
So when he was about four years old we went to Disneyworld.

He was pumped. (And we weren’t above revving him up for the experience either. LOL)
All he wanted to do was meet Mickey. He had no interest in any other part of the park. He just wanted to go to Mickey’s house.

When we got there, Mickey was nowhere to be found.
We walked through the house and on to Minnie’s house.
No Mickey.

He was crestfallen!
He darted around looking everywhere.

Finally as we were leaving, he spied Mickey’s little ‘playhouse’ in the yard.
His eyes lit up as he ran to it. For sure this is where Mickey would be!
He leaned his head into the window and called, “Mickey? You in there?”

Much to the amusement of all the people touring Mickey’s house.

Another ‘Mommy moment’ forever etched in my memory.
He finally got to meet his ‘hero’!


  1. Sweet. The Eldest had a crush on Mickey,too, but never got a trip to Disney. Something for her to be whining about to a therapist, no doubt.

  2. How sweet! Those are the memories we love to hang onto.

  3. oh bless! What a lovely moment :) xx

  4. AWwww...precious! Would you believe...my daughter who is 5'8" dated Mickey Mouse while she was working at Disney!?!! I'm so glad that one didn't 'take'.

  5. Absolutely adorable!
    Mine was obsessed with meerkats. They were a little harder to come by. ;)


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