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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Along Sarasota's water front is a huge aluminum statue inspired by one of WWII's most iconic images. 
Titled "Unconditional Surrender", the sailor and nurse from the Alfred Eisenstaedt photograph are instantly recognizable.

 Husband’s first thought upon seeing this dramatic statue?
“I wonder what she is wearing under her uniform.”


THAT’S the first thing you think of when you see this?

Apparently he’s not the only one.

(disclaimer: that is NOT my husband, but obviously someone else is married to a twelve year old too!)


  1. fess up.... it IS hubby :lol:

  2. Pat took the words right out of my mouth...lol

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! I bet she has on garters!!! I've been by that statue many times but have never looked up her dress. It's funny that one of the restaurants here in Barranquilla...has a copy of the original picture on the wall. We always sit at that booth. And I think the lady depicted here/there died this past year.


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