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Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I’ve Been Up to Lately

My studio was getting a bit messy. So I decided to purge.

I have a lot of ‘found’ papers, out of date atlases, old sheet music, and leftover colored paper from long ago. 
Plus, for some reason, I’ve been saving old cardboard boxes.

At one time I was going to collage all this material into something. But as it often does, life has taken me on a different path.

So I’ve been making up-cycled journals.

I really like making the fiber bindings! They are just so ‘touchable’! 


  1. Wow! that's really clever Robin. I tried to make a journal once - it fell apart:(

  2. Lovely lovely journal. I love old atlases and music sheets - but I have to make sure the hubby isn't around when I tear them out of their bindings as he loves books and can't stand it when I do it. (and no thunder stolen)
    The binding does look so touchable! great work


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