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Monday, February 27, 2012

More Word Verifications

Let’s try some more…

Mombel: A type of dance that combines mambo and belly dancing. (Try and get THAT mental image out of your head!  You’re welcome!)

dinglyso: I have a great definition for this one but I’m afraid good taste (and morals clauses) prevent me from posting it! LOL)

Cremo: An utterly disgusting, non-fat, non-dairy cream substitute for coffee.

Tians: Natives of the planet Ti.

Comish: Adjective used to define an unmarried female (of a ‘certain’ age) who isn’t exactly beautiful but isn’t ugly. “You could describe Miss Emily as com-ish.”

What  meanings would you give to them?


  1. Now you've got me wondering about dinglyso. All I can think of is Chuck Berry's song My Dingaling. LOL

  2. Can't think of anything better than yours Robin....and I see that CJ is in the right area! Lol.

  3. I have an idea on the dinglso and for mombel, your definition is good. Mine would have been a bell everyone in the family has in expectation that mom should come running as soon as they call!Onn the next two you are right on but for comish I thought Commissioner as in the boss on a police force.

    I have made lists of these at times thinking they'd make a fun nonsense poem but since I am not really a poet they don't go anywhere.


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