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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Know You’re Not In Kansas Anymore When….

I realize I no longer live in an urbane metropolitan area, but still……I expect a modicum of intelligence.
Apparently this is too much to ask.

These are actual signs I’ve seen since moving here.  (I never seem to have my camera with me when I need it!)

This was a handwritten sign at the side of a driveway, advertising his:
‘3 Peace Truck Top 4 Sale’.
I actually went around the block to look at it again because I couldn’t believe my eyes!

A thriving business in a small town in the middle of the state:
‘Coin Wash and Seafood Café’ (Frightening!)

Someone has a sense of humor:
‘Master Bait and Tackle’

This one boggles my mind:
‘Plastic Surgery and Pregnancy Center’
I just don’t see the connection! LOL

Every car ride is a new adventure!
So tell me, what do you do in your town for entertainment? LOL


  1. I drive through Purgatory. http://ponyexpressgraphics.blogspot.com/2009/11/wordless-wednesday.html

  2. I need to start looking at signs! Although I am aware of one down the esplanade which should read "No Personal Ablutions" and actually says
    "No Personnel Ablutions" !

  3. I sure haven't seen anything as educated as this where I live! Hey, that last one has a connection. After you have the baby you need the plastic surgery so you won't look like you ever had one!

  4. I really AM laughing out loud!!! Is this my dear Cape you're talking about?!? I always said...the freaky people all end up in FL...


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