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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father was a Pacifist

I’m from the generation that grew up hearing, “Wait till your Father gets home!”

Not that my mother was any stranger to discipline.
But when she reached the end of her rope, my father was her weapon.

My mother spanked. And grounded, and took away privileges.

My father didn’t believe in physical violence. He said it only proved you were bigger, not right.

He lectured.

It was all very logical. 
And by the time he was done lecturing you felt about ‘this big’.
Guilt was a very good lesson!

Big Brother and I used to BEG our mother “PLEEEEASE, ground us, take away the TV, the phone, anything! But don’t let Dad lecture us!”

Ah, fond memories……….LOL


  1. My younger son says that the very worst punishment for him as a child was my saying, "You've let me down." It would make him cry and beg and apologise. I didn't need to say it often!

  2. Isn't the phrase, I'm so disappointed in you, a killer?

  3. My Gran used to just give me a look!...that was enough.


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