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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mellow Fellow

Melvin was a mellow fellow
Didn’t shout and didn’t bellow
Went to play with friends one day
And found that they had run away

(Torn magazine pages with Elmer’s white glue over crumpled newspaper and masking tape for an armature, paint and sealer, twisted imagination and a lot of spare time!)


  1. Poor Melvin....he looks a lovely fellow!

  2. They were undoubtedly frightened away by that NOSE! What a great character and such a funny ditty! PS I love his hat :)

  3. OMG what fun you must have! Love the stories, love the creations... makes me smile!

  4. I love this character! I showed it to my daughter and read her a few of your posts. She liked the posts but thought he was a bit odd. Some people just don't appreciate the finer nuances of life but I'll still love her since she is my daughter and all. I think you did a terrific job!

  5. What a sweetie he is. This is terrific.

  6. I LOVE him!!!
    But your little rhyme makes me sad! Why did they run away? Ow my gosh, I AM in a weird emotional place these days - for no apparent reason I can think of - everything makes me tear up!
    But why? Why DID they all run away??


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