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Sunday, June 24, 2012

‘Lest You Think BigBrother….’

Episode Four: BigBrother, Bobby Neeley and the Pillow Fight

As I understand it, ‘way back when’ women had certain days for certain chores. Monday was washday; Tuesday was for dusting….. Etc.

One day my mother was helping Mrs. Neeley with her housework.
They took all her down pillows and emptied the feathers into open ended pillowcases for temporary safe keeping while they laundered the inner cases.

Their mistake was leaving them unguarded.

By the time they returned, my mother said the living room looked like a blizzard had struck. 
Feathers were flying everywhere!
There were feathers on the furniture, feathers on the pictures, feathers on the lamps. Every surface was covered!

 And two little boys squealing with laughter in the middle.


  1. Aaaaargh!! So what happened next??
    I would be SO upset if that happened here - but ow my gosh - taking the feathers out of the pillows to launder the cases?! Not going to happen soon :D Wow, that's what I call being thorough :D

    (I have specific days for cleaning too... I feel at times it's the only thing I can control in life ;))

  2. He has the look of the divil <(-;{ minus the beard.

  3. Knowing BigBrother as an adult this amuses me. Cant see him as a kid AT ALL. Being married to his son however I can see him even now doing this...with our kids. Love the picture of BigBrother and your Mom. We only have a few and they are all of her older, when my trouble maker was little.

  4. WHAT an riot! Hahaha! Glad I didn't have to clean THAT up ;)


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