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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kitty Thoughts

I cut my foot the other day.
Nothing serious, but I didn’t notice until I saw the spots of blood on the tile floor.

Before I had a chance to clean it up the cat noticed.

And I noticed her noticing.

She was sauntering down the hall when she must have smelled it.

She stopped, crouched down and sniffed around.

Then she looked up at me with such a look of horror on her face I actually burst out laughing!
I could just imagine what thoughts were going through her mind.

Am I cut?
No, it’s not my blood.
OMG, it’s her! She’s bleeding/maimed/dying!
Who’s going to feed me/pet me/clean my litter box/spray my mousie with catnip?!

She ran and hid for the rest of the day, proving once again that loyalty is a canine trait!


  1. Maybe she was considerately giving you peace and quiet so you could recover? Nah. (-;

  2. This is sooo funny. I guess that's why although I love my kitty, I relate better to my dogs.


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