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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To: Son1

It is a requirement, on this your birthday, to listen to the WHOLE song (at maximum volume) or I will come up there and embarrass you and your entire building by blasting it at 5 AM from the super speakers of my car!
Have a GREAT day :0)
(Surprised ya' didn't I? LOL)


  1. Hello world, yes as you know it IS my birthday. Please hold your applause until I'm finished. LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!

  2. Hi
    Please keep it coming and I'll be back for a more bit of surprise! It seems so simple and yet extremely useful.

  3. Haha :)
    Love this here in the comments: "Please hold your applause until I'm finished. LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!" :D
    I just know you were & are 'that mom' :D (you can't have been raised by a mom as amazing and special and funny as YOUR mom, without any of that rubbing off. It's a fact.)


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