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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To: Son2

It is a requirement, on this your birthday, to listen to the WHOLE song (at maximum volume) or I will come up there and embarrass you and your entire building by blasting it at 5 AM from the super speakers of my car!
Have a GREAT day :0)
(PS Don't tell your brother--I want him to be sufficiently embarrassed/surprised next week!) LOL

To everyone who isn’t Son1 and Son2,
Very early, on the morning of their birthdays, I would play the Beatles Birthday Song so loud that the pictures on the walls in the house would vibrate.
Our speaker system also plays outside so I would blast the neighborhood too!
(That was an added bonus! LOL) 
They used to act annoyed but they can’t fool me, I knew they liked it!
Now that I’m not living within physical annoying range I must find other ways.
It’s important to keep up family traditions!


  1. You're a cruel mother!....love it. I'd never thought of that one, doh....the fun I could have had. Happy Birthday to your son, now you know your mother really loves you.

  2. Traditions are a wonderful thing aren't they? Good for you to keep it going, lol. I love that song too - most of the Beatles songs really.

  3. You're my kind a mom! I am an expert at embarrassing my #1 and #2 sons, just ask them ;) Let's HEAR it for traditions!!

  4. I had to control my chuckles when I picked this up at work. YOu are one cool Mom!!


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