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Monday, September 3, 2012

Another New Toy

LOOK! I got another new toy!
We got an unexpected refund check from the insurance company. Did I do the responsible thing and put it toward my massive credit card bill?
I run out and get myself a Wacom tablet (that I have been jonesing for, for like years….)
Now THIS is a learning curve.
It’s very…….weird.
To be ‘drawing’ on a surface that is in your lap (or on the desk) but seeing the marks on the computer monitor.
Makes me feel slightly vertigo-ish. LOL
But it’s major fun!
A much better investment than paying my credit card bill! 
(Hey, when I’m dead and gone my life insurance can cover my bills! For now I’m having fun!)


  1. I've never heard of one of these before, but looks like fun and can't wait to see what you draw with it!

  2. I love my tablet. My colleague,a cartoonist wraps a piece of paper around the tablet and then draws on it. He says it better simulates drawing on real paper

  3. You've got to explain this for us ignoramuses... perhaps we need one, you know :)
    In the meantime, enjoy!

  4. LOVE that philosophy! Is that how you did your fickenchish?


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