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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Glasses here,
Glasses there,
Glasses, glasses everywhere!

Are you like me?
I wear reading glasses.
They were never where I needed them, and I was always walking around the house looking for where I had put them.
So to solve the problem, and because I’m basically lazy, I now have glasses in almost every room.
There is a pair in the bathroom, one on my desk, another in the living room, and still another in the studio!
And of course a pair in my purse.
Over time I’ve collected some very funky looking frames.
The best part is when husband can’t find his one pair and grabs mine.
He looks especially good in my red leopard frames! LOL


  1. Brilliant drawing..lol. I'm like you and keep losing mine (not prescription ones thank goodness)just the cheap off the shelf magnifying ones, so I have several pairs here there and everywhere around the house....the strange thing is they all end up in the same room eventually..how does that happen!

  2. Oh the hubby does look cute! Love the story and the image! I wear glasses to see far away, and take them off to read.... so I misplace my "regular" glasses all the time, and before I go outside the house I do a desperate search for them.... the family is really tiring of this. I may have to get bifocals very soon - I don't want too!

  3. Last year for my birthday a friend gave me a gift bag filled with about 20 pair of glasses.
    It turned out to be one of the most useful gifts.

  4. Love the drawing. I, like Kim am nearsighted and can't see Jack far away, but when I read I prefer to take glasses off and hold things up close which, contrary to what "some mothers" used to say, is perfectly fine.(I refuse to wear bifocals at this point.) Now, when I am wearing my contact lenses I have to wear magnifiers on top of them in order to read and I, like you, have them all over the place. And then, it gets complicated......... then there are the glasses for computer distance......... lol lol. Aren't you glad you started this topic?

  5. I needed reading glasses for close work, but hated having to lift them up if I needed to look at something beyond my nose. I opted for no line bifocals. The top portion is basically window glass and the bottom is my Rx. Stick my glasses on my nose and I'm good for the day.

  6. He looks very chic!
    Mine? --Glued to my face since 4th grade.

  7. That's a better idea than mine! One in each room - that's the ticket.
    I trained myself to keep putting them in the one same place. (and not on my nose!) Took a long time.

  8. I did the same thing for years...until I need a precription for reading glasses. Now I have 3 pair and they are hard to keep up with. I still find my old readers tucked away here and there! Hubby looks very good in red leopard!


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