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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Late To The Party

I was never a coffee drinker.
I don’t, as a rule, like hot beverages.
That is, until we bought the Keurig.

Now I get it!
I’m hooked.

It’s not just the ‘drinking’ of the coffee; it’s the whole ritual that goes with it.
Choosing the perfect mug, spooning in just the right amount of Splenda.
The shaking of the K-cup (the directions say to do that and as a newbie who am I to argue?)
The rumble of the machine heating the water, the sputtering as it forces the water through the grounds. 
The last cough of the last drip.
The splash of milk and then the stirring: five clockwise stirs, no more no less. (Learned from Husband! LOL)
Then, wrapping you hands around the warm mug and the first delicious sip!

Ah…nectar of the Gods! Now I get it!


  1. And don't forget you can get pods for hot apple cider, chai tea (bliss!)and hot chocolate.

  2. Always wondered what the coffee is like from one of these - great drawing.

  3. After reading this I now have to go make a cup.

  4. YUM-mee! Now I can't wait for my morning coffee...even if it is made in a regular pot.


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