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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Digital Drawing

I usually do my digital drawing late at night.
The tablet is tethered to my PC which is in the bedroom.
And as much as I’d like to do it during daylight hours, I get annoyed at being ‘stuck’ in the bedroom. (I know, I’m weird. But I like to feel like a real person who’s allowed out once in a while! LOL)
'Feathered Ephalant' (misspelling intended)

These guys look really funny at 3AM.
Somehow in the light of day they lose their awesomeness.
Think it might have something to do with the hour? LOL


  1. Couldn't you just move your PC! (LOL). Anyways, another Brilliant Creature Creation...I'm loving these (:

  2. This is pretty awesome. He looks pretty stressed and I'm over here sympathizing.

  3. You need a longer tether. At 3am, I'm watching the inside of my eyelids

  4. I love it :) I'm Annie Wade's daughter, hi from Colombia!

  5. Hah, noooo! It's 4.15 pm here and this is AWESOME!! :D I love ephalants as much as heffalumps :D Who knew?!

    & o my gosh, I'm never going to catch up on everything I missed out on here - so I'm not going to try ;) Cutting slack here, my own orders ;) It's good to be back though - I've missed you & your sense of humour!!

    Taking up some more of your comment section's real estate, thank you so much for the card!! It's out as a constant reminder right near my art (aka dinner) table :D And I'm so glad I accidentally sent you a giraffe from SA :D Got your mail only when we got back, and couldn't for the life of me remember what was on it :) The Universe flows artfully! x

  6. Well it is 10:30 at night here, and I think he looks awesome! I am sure I would love him anytime of night or day! Makes me smile, and I am sure he made you smile too!


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