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Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Could Have Been a Theoretical Physicist

Really, I could have.
I just love ideas and possibilities. No matter how farfetched. 
I could talk about them for hours.
And basically, isn’t that what a Theoretical Physicist does?
Make stuff up?
That’s what makes it THEORETICAL!
I would have been really good at it too because I have some doozies!

Plus, they get paid BIG TIME!
So what’s not to like about a job that pays beaucoup money and you get to make shit up and people have to listen to you because you have Dr. in front of your name and you’ve gone to school for years beyond when you have to (mostly because you’re too scared to go out into the real world and get a real job?)

What started this rant you may ask?

 I just watched an episode of ‘Ancient Aliens’ where they put forth the theory that there is another planet at the earth’s core that is populated by extraterrestrials and the portal to enter and exit is at the North Pole! (I swear I was waiting for them to somehow work Santa into the theory! LOL)

People get PAID for this?

Yeah, I could definitely do that!


  1. I think weather forecaster falls into this category, too.

  2. Yep! and I could join in...we'd be brilliant at it. lol.

  3. I am positive that you would have been wonderful at it!

  4. Yep...but you've got to remember...they have to prove their theories. Don't they?!?

  5. Now you've told us, we'll all want to join in! :)


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