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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Step Away From the Children

I hate it when my kids argue.
When they were little and they fought I would step in and separate them to give them time to cool off.

As they grew older I’d just say in a calm but firm voice (a.k.a. yelled), “GENTELMAN, SEPARATE!”

Now, I can’t do that.
And it breaks my heart I can’t ‘fix’ it for them.

Husband says I need to step away from the children, because they’re not children anymore and they need to work it out on their own.
Do you know any mother who doesn’t find this heartbreakingly difficult?

They each want me to be on their side.
But I can’t. I’m on both their sides.
I can see both sides of their argument.

What’s a mother to do? L


  1. Ours are like that when they meet up on occasion. There was a time when young they would fight all the time......yikes!

  2. Yup, really hard to not step in, but necessary.

  3. Parenting is the hardest job. I hope things are working themselves out positively.

  4. I'm sure they'll work it out...if for no other reason than because they know how much it hurts you.


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