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Monday, September 17, 2012

Fond Memories

Like I’ve said before, BigBrother is five years older than I.
At different times in childhood that is a huge gap.
So when he would deem me ‘fit to associate with’ I was thrilled!

One Christmas there was a whopping snowstorm and we decided to go for a walk in the snow.

I remember the hush that fell over the neighborhood. The way the large fluffy flakes slowly drifted down from the sky and sparkled in the street lights. The way our voices sounded muffled as we talked. The snow crunching under our boots, and the way our breath made little clouds in front of our faces.

But most of all I remember how BigBrother spoke to me.

When we were little, we fought a lot or avoided each other, like most siblings I imagine.
Being of different genders (and the age difference) we went our separate ways as we grew.

But this particular night we were just two kids talking and laughing and sharing secrets.

So here’s to you BigBrother, for no other reason than I was thinking about you. 


  1. So often, your special memories remind me of some of my own. Maybe that's another reason why I love reading your posts so much.

  2. those whopping snowstorms are made to bring out the best in brothers. I have some wonderful snowstorm memories (even though we don't get many storms here, just lots of snow and cold).


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