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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


My parents believed females should be self sufficient.  Not dependent on a man to rescue them.
To that end they taught me all sorts of things, one of which was how to change a tire.

One day I was crossing the campus when I saw a young woman wearing a mini skirt and high heels (this was in the hippie-dippy days of bell bottoms and peasant blouses) leaning against a car with a flat tire.
I watched as she ‘posed’ in a helpless manner.
The guys looked as they passed, but none stopped or offered to help.

So I did.

I got the jack and went about changing her tire as she continued to shoot ‘come hither’ looks at the passing male population.
We chatted amiably as I worked, and as I was putting the tools back into her trunk she turned to me and asked, “Are you a lesbian?”

Apparently where she came from only men and lesbians were allowed to change a flat! LOL


  1. In the back of your mind were you thinking 'thanks for teaching me to change a tyre mum and dad'!!! Great drawing :)

  2. when you say 'my parents believed females should be self sufficient', I wonder what you think about that? My mum was the same so I know how to fix a flat bike tire but my husband always does them now anyway :)

  3. I like your parents thinking. Great drawing.

  4. LOL - loved the story. I remember having a flat tire once when I was with my brother, and I wouldn't let him help me change it, because I wanted to do it myself. (I was about 16 and he was 17) He was so embarrassed whenever people went by and saw this little scrawny girl working on the tire, and him just standing around. Good thing the highway wasn't too busy!

  5. My husband showed me how to change a tire many years ago and even had me do it. But now, I don't think I would remember where to put the jack!


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