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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Traditions must be Upheld

Since I am no longer in a position to embarrass/annoy you in person by waking you at the crack of dawn, blasting the Beatles birthday song so loud that it rattles the windows and shakes the pictures on the walls…..and piping it to the outside speakers so the entire neighborhood knows it’s your birthday!!!!!!!!

Since I can’t do that anymore……

It is inevitable that I take the only other recourse available to me and embarrass/annoy you digitally (and worldwide!!!!!!)
You are required (by law) to listen to/watch the ENTIRE video (or suffer your mother’s wrath!)

I hope it’s a splendiferous, super wonderful,  totally awesometastic day!!!

Love you!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son from over here!!!
    He has got away with the video (it comes up as Private)! SO, we are SINGING EVEN LOUDER!! LOL.

  2. Happy Birthday to your son. Where's the cake?

  3. That was cute. I felt like I was looking at my own kids pictures. Do we all take the same ones? Happy Birthday Son2! You've got a special mom!

  4. The joy of his childhood just shines through in the pictures! You are a great mom Robin! Happy Birthday Son2!

  5. What a great video! Happy Birthday!!!

    ummmmm...whose underpants were they?!?!?

  6. What a great video! What a cool Mom you are!

  7. ♡ it, what did he say?
    cute sunglasses btw


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