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Monday, June 24, 2013

Pink Hair Redux

We’re sitting in a booth at the restaurant last Friday when the young manager (twenty-something?)  comes over all smiles and says, “I really like your hair! You don’t expect to see……………”
For a nano second I considered letting him flap in the breeze at his faux pas, but I just smiled  and said “Thank you! I like it too!”

I like breaking stereotypes! I’m not just some grandmotherly old broad!  LOL 
Next time I’m thinking ……… mint green!


  1. I'd like cobalt blue hair, not just a streak, but too chicken to have a go.

  2. Green? Wait, I'm just getting used to the pink! LOL

  3. i occasionally put in blue streaks...gives a whole new meaning to a blue-haired old lady :)

    i like the pink...can't wait to see green!

  4. My granddaughter used koolaid to dye part of her hair blue. It stayed in way longer than the dye job she got at a salon!

  5. I still LOVE the pink :D How about orange next ;) & a compliment is a compliment, good for him to share it :)

  6. love it! i'm thinking of going red-ER...actually more along the ORANGE line next time.

  7. I love your pink hair... but really I want a picture of your whole head - face - hair. The whole thing!


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