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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Family Portrait

It was always difficult to get them to cooperate for family photographs.


I keep fiddling around with these characters.
Paper dolls, ‘stuffies’…..I’m still not satisfied with them but I’m having a fun time playing!!  
(I think I need a R&D team to help me.....anyone out there with a kid who likes to play with dolls.....?)


  1. What wonderful creations... You always make me smile!! Thank you!!(sorry no kids that play with dolls around my neck of the woods these days)

  2. Love these characters! Will you persuade writer-son to do a follow up tale!

  3. these are too cute!! of course, i'm drawn to the cat!!

    i'll be interested to see what other characters are lurking in your head :)

  4. Fun. I love the kitty. The maven with the steamer trunk handbag cracked me up.

  5. Love these - LOVE. The compositions, the fun - no, you don't need a kid to play with the dolls - you do it so well :)

  6. mmmm....don't you have 2 brothers?

    no matter...I love them!

  7. I like these. What don't you like about them? If it's the whiteness, stitch some beads around them. I don't see anything wrong with them - they are cute!

  8. These are great, R.! If my kids were still little, I'd let you have them ;)


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