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Friday, June 28, 2013

Pink Tutu

We were pretty liberal with the boys when they were small.
Indulgent to a fault (what parent isn’t?)
We tried not to be too gender specific and allowed them to have dolls and ‘girl stuff’ as well as trucks and ‘boy toys’.
Grandma even bought them a play kitchen.
Husband was not too sure of some of these choices but kept his objections to himself.
Until one day when Son1 said he wanted a pink tutu for his birthday.
That’s where Husband drew the line!
We explained to Son1 that boy ballet dancers don’t wear tutus.
They wear leotards.
So Grandma got him a black leotard for his birthday.
I’m not sure it fulfilled his wish but it made Husband feel better…..
And it’s given us endless years of amusement to embarrass Son1 with these pictures!

Disclaimer: I have Son1’s permission for publication of said photos. (Signed, dated and notarized! LOL)


  1. What can I say!...and he looks so pleased too, lol. On another note, our daughter really wanted a play kitchen when she was little after her friends at the time, Kayte Walsh where we used to live, had one and spent endless hours playing with it...said KW now Grammer! (just as well we didn't buy her a play kitchen or she too might be wed to someone as old as us!!!)

  2. What a cute, little Baryshnikov!

  3. That is soooooo funny.

  4. I think my husband would have drawn a line there too. We tried being more gender neutral too but my son just let his doll sit while he played for hours with his matchbox cars and my daughter played house more than with the cars. I tried for no guns at all but found my son creating them out of scraps of whatever so that didn't work well either. Guess the genders are here to stay or... would your son still want that pink tutu?

  5. So recognizable. But times have changed - my husband objected to a pink tutu also, so now our son3 has a black tutu!

  6. Lol!! Great pics. I, too, have pics of my son dressed in a white t-shirt wearing a white tutu next to his twin sister in her tutu.


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