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Monday, April 14, 2014

I'd Rather Draw It Than Make It!

It happened slowly…..ever so slowly.
First it was an online class.
Learn to draw imaginary creatures.
Then it was a watercolor class.
Then it was faces…..
And more faces….
And even more faces.
And then one day she noticed….
the unmade bed and the way the sheets draped down the side…..
She grabbed her Tablet and drew it.
That’s when she knew she had the disease.

She had been bitten by the bug…..


  1. ...not the bed bug! (great drawing btw) ;)

  2. well, i hope you don't recover from this disease any time soon …. i so enjoy your drawings!

  3. Sounds so familiar! I also photograph it...

    Let's continue to enjoy ourselves!!!

  4. please do no use "bugs"when in the same sentence as beds, please. lol. great drawing!!

  5. Love your drawings - glad the drawing bug has bitten you - I think bed making is over rated.... but drawing them is perfect!


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