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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Renaissance Man

Husband is a Renaissance man…………. in a twentieth century kind of way.
It’s both amazing and annoying at the same time.
Amazing because he can do anything.
And annoying because he can do anything.

He has no fear of trying something he has never done before.
The thought that he might NOT be able to do it just never seems to occur to him.
He jumps in with both feet.

I’ve never seen him fail at anything he tries.
Case in point;
A few years ago the canvas on the boat began to fail.
We priced out how much it would cost to have it replaced.
After we got up from our faint, Husband said, “It would be cheaper to buy a commercial sewing machine and do it ourselves.”
As the sewer in the family I said, “I can’t do that!”

So he bought an industrial strength sewing machine and sewed new canvases for the boat.

A new bimini top with side curtains that have a gazillion different little pieces including zippers and flaps and isinglass and tabs, and snaps……
Then he proceeded to make the canvases that enclosed back deck. Also with all the accompanying snaps and zippers etc.
He has replaced all the canvas on the boat!
And saved us hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

He has also re-plumbed the whole house; ripped out and updated two kitchens  and bathrooms (from the studs out;) maintains all vehicles;  wallpapers;  paints;  landscapes; fixes anything that breaks in the house; maintains the pool……

See what I mean about amazing/annoying?
I LOVE that he can do everything.

And I’m jealous he can do anything!


  1. I thought my husband was bad! The only reason I don't want him doing everything is because he wants me to be right beside him as his gofer and I don't like to do all those things!

  2. Your husband is a keeper, that's for sure.

  3. i agree with CJ, sounds like a keeper to me!!

  4. Ummmm…can we borrow him for a couple months?!?

  5. He's a keeper for sure. I'd like to borrow him as well.


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