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Friday, April 11, 2014

Tank Traps

Who knows what goes through the minds of little boys.
When they were small the boys had a giant (to them) plastic shovel.
Husband used to bring it when they to the beach.
The boys would spend hours digging huge holes in the sand that they called ’tank traps’.
When it was time to pack up and go home Husband made them fill them in so people wouldn’t fall in and break a leg. 
Great exercise for the kids, great entertainment for the adults! Win/win! 


  1. Ours would think they were digging their way to Australia! lol. Love your photo of the boys, so intent on their digging.

  2. I get it! Holes big enough to swallow a tank. Cool!

  3. we always took a bucket to build sand castles … but i have a daughter so i never knew about tank traps!!

    great photo!

  4. Good for Daddy for insisting they fill those holes. cute photo.


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