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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You Know You’ve Got It Bad……

When you find yourself thinking, ‘Oh! I have got to draw the toilet!’

(Disclaimer: This is NOT my choice of décor! It is inherited.)


  1. So who left the loo seat up?!! Great drawing;)

  2. Ok. It IS an important part of life and the sketch is awesome…but yeah…you've got it bad.

  3. And the toilet paper is hanging on the roll properly. Over the roll.

  4. Love the drawing. Great new "header.!" Oh, I see Bohemiannie said it already!! lol. Yes, you must have it bad to draw the toilet but it's soooooo good!

  5. I think you did a great job! What's wrong with drawing a toilet? I admit, when I drew mine it was because my cat was sitting on it but....

    Your new header looks wonderful. You can't get me to believe you can't draw. I want to sit in that comfy chair!


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