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Friday, April 4, 2014

Shoes Glorious Shoes

(My apologies to Lionel Bart and the cast of Oliver!)

♫♪♫  Shoes glorious shoes   ♪♫♪♫
♫♪♫  Pumps, wedgies and sandals  ♫♪♫
♫♪♫  While we're in the mood – ♫♪♫
♫♪♫  Flats, loafers and sneakers  ♫♪♫  
(I know it doesn’t rhyme, so sue me!)


  1. Puts my collection of shoes in the shade! I've got more boots than is healthy, lol :-)

  2. What a GReat selection of shoes!!!! Oh and the song is exhilarating…even if it doesn't rhyme.

  3. Love the shoes! So hard to find the perfect pair. And I loved your song. Now I have an ear worm for the day. Thank you

  4. pretty shoes!!! i'll take the blue sandals and those leopard spotted ones are great!!

    I can't do high heels, I'd kill myself trying to get 'round in those!!

  5. And you can't draw? Oh yes, you can!

  6. great! now i'll have that tune stuck in my head. My back and necks hurts just from looking at those heels and clunky wedges. I'll take the flats any day. it's a great drawing!!


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