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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Zombies

We’re lucky enough to live in a part of the world where people come to spend their vacations.
Our neighborhood is a mix of permanent inhabitants and ‘snow birds’. 

Directly across from our lanai is one of these rentals.
Far enough away for comfort but yet close enough that we can see one another.

It’s been entertaining from year to year.
One time it was a group of single, middle age ladies who enjoyed cocktails and raucous laughter.
That was comical! 

This season Husband dubbed it ‘the year of Mr. & Mrs. Zombie’.
It went something like this:

Each morning at seven AM Mrs. Zombie came out for her morning cigarette.
We wouldn’t see them again until the afternoon.
Then they would come out, sit on the lanai and play silent cards.
I swear we never heard them utter a word.
I thought maybe they were deaf but they never used sign language either.
When the card game was over they would turn their chairs towards our house and sit and stare straight at us.
Again, never saying a word to one another.

It took us several weeks to finally figure out they weren't staring at us but watching the sunset! 


  1. Love that you have names for people (sshhh, we do that too - oh how I could list a lot of strange names!). LOVE your drawing of Mr. & Mrs. Zombie ... perfect pic, perfect title for them :-)

  2. Thanks, Robin, you made my day, made me smile, I've been living like a zombie for the last days, maybe I start to come to life...

  3. LOL! Yep. I can see that. hahaha. Love the picture.

  4. hahaha … this could be me and the Mr. After 30 years, we read each other's minds! Or don't have anything to say to each other!!! One of those two.

  5. lol!! And were you relieved to know they were not staring at you?!


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