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Monday, April 28, 2014

Scrabble with Tablet

I found an app that lets me play scrabble against Tablet. 
It’s perfect for me.
I get to play against an opponent and not look like a blubbering idiot.
Words with friends put way too much pressure on my little brain.
I’m the player that can only come up with three letter words.
I always feel like saying, “But I’m smart! I really am! I’ll show you my IQ scores!” LOL

I play in the evening, while watching the news with the Hubs.
After hearing the same depressing stories for the forty-seventh time it makes me want to gouge my eyes out and I thought this was a better solution.


One night I played a word that earned me 72 points! (a new high score for me!) 
I did an air punch and Husband asked why.
I told him and his comment was, “Is it set on easy?”
I just chuckled……but after having a moment to think about it I was insulted!
I said to him, “So the only way I can get a high score or win a game is if it’s set to easy?”
“Of course not!’ he said trying to back pedal…….
I let it go.
It takes too much energy to argue.
Besides, I checked and it’s set on ‘normal’!
The choices being very easy;  easy;  normal;  hard and very hard.

So there! 


  1. Wow! think I'll try this version. I play WWF against my husb. and others, okay I'm not a brilliant player, but enjoy it. Still.....this looks worth a try - cheers :-)

  2. I stayed away from WWF because I don't have anyone to play with and I'm the person that makes the 3 letter words though I know lots of words much longer especially 4 letter words

  3. Looks like a great app and love your new blog header. Thanks for visiting.

  4. my mom has this app, too. she plays all the time to keep her brain sharp!! i think i need to get it, too.

    hey, i like your new banner!!! too cool :)

  5. lol! I like CJ's comment. I would like this if I had a tablet.

  6. So there, indeed!

    And I totally get the gouging your eyes out as a result of too much f%(8$8^ing news. I didn't watch it the week the kids were here…not for my week in the mountains. It seriously HuRt when I came home Sunday night and heard about all the horror going on in the world!


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