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Monday, April 7, 2014

My Rips, My Rips!

When son2 was little he had a habit of licking his lips, ALL the time!
He licked them so much he had a constant case of chapped lips.
I mean an angry red halo around his mouth.
No matter how many times we tried to tell him he was making it worse he didn’t stop.
It felt better when he licked them he said.
We tried anything and everything we could think of to help him. 
Chapstick, petroleum jelly, lotions…..all to no avail.
He was too little to be trusted to apply these remedies himself and all the goop in the world wouldn’t stop this nervous tic.
Because of this, whenever he ate ANYTHING that had ANY kind of spice or strong flavoring he used to cry out, “MY RIPS, MY RIPS!” (my lips, my lips!)
He began inspecting his food and asking “Does this have pepper?”
The tiniest of specks was suspect!
He finally grew out of the habit but as he got a little older he started carrying a tube of Chapstick in his pocket. (I can’t tell you how many times I had to clean out either the washer or dryer because I forgot to check his pockets first!)

To this day if you are ever in need of a dab of Chapstick (and you don’t mind sharing) just ask and he’ll oblige! 


  1. A lovely story. I love when little ones get the names of things wrong. My son used to call his elbow... his armbow.

  2. That looks ouchies. I carry Chapstick with me all the time. It goes through the washer just fine. Just needs a little drying out time. It completely melts in the dryer. Never had a problem with it getting on other clothes.

  3. lol. if chap stick was the only thing you had to clean out of the washer or dryer you were doing alright.

  4. awwww…bet that hurt mom just as much as it did son2!


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