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Friday, March 25, 2016

Free Entertainment (or, I am easily amused, either one)

Every year I look forward to the new crop of people who rent the properties across the canal from us.
The one directly across from us used to rent to a very amusing group of ladies every year. We would sit on the lanai and listen as they became more and more inebriated and boisterous as the weeks wore on.  
Alas, the owners (aka ‘the zombies’) must have paid off their mortgage and no longer rent the house.
Much to my disappointment.

BUT, the house next door to the zombies has begun to rent more often. And this year it’s a lovely family who know how to enjoy life and they laugh……A LOT! And loudly!
Especially the wife/mother. (Or so I assume that is her role.)
I LOVE to hear people laugh. And when I do I join right in. I don’t need to know the joke.
I think it’s the best sound in the world, laughter.

They apparently have a great sense of humor.
I hear the screen door squeak open and then the distinct jingle of dog tags running around the yard. And I catch a glimpse of what looks like a small lap dog of indiscriminant breed. A few minutes later the screen door squeaks open again and the jingle fades into the house.
This goes on day and night. Squeak, jingle, jingle, squeak. Squeak, jingle, jingle, squeak.
But one evening it’s different.
I hear the squeak of the door; I hear the jingle of the tags, but then the jingling stops.
After a few minutes I hear a quiet whistle to call the dog back into the house.
Another whistle a little louder.
Then I see the beam of a flashlight as someone steps out into the yard to search for the errant dog.
Finally, after several minutes of watching the jiggling beam of light moving around the yard I hear, in what can only be described as the best imitation of Marlon Brando as Stanley Kowalski bellowing a heartfelt, “STELLLLLLLLAAAAAAAA!”

I nearly collapsed I laughed so hard! 


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