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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm Determined

I'm determined, this time, to fill this sketchbook! If I do it will be the first time ever. 
This is the fifth page!  (snort)
(You might want to start taking bets among yourselves....you could clean up! 
I have about twenty unfinished sketchbooks on my shelves. lol)


  1. I want to know how many pages this sketch book contains before I make my bet :D

  2. Fifth page! - then you are doing great if there are six pages in the book!! And your fifth page is a great one btw ;)

  3. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Five down. One more to go

  4. OK...Ann, CJ, Susu...inbox me and we'll start the betting.

  5. i'm the same way. i keep buying them thinking "this" is the one! some are just for ink. others just for watercolor. i think i just have too many rules for my own good.

    anyway...keep on sketching, keep on sketching

  6. I too keep starting them rather than finishing them.... I am determined to finish them..... I am NOT giving myself a deadline though. Without a deadline you are sure to finish them! (love your page!!)


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