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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Personal Growth in All Directions

I have always had a bad habit of saying things without thinking about how others might take it.
I kinda lack a filter that way.
I’m not sure if it’s stupidity or naiveté.

And what makes it worse is that it’s almost always something totally innocent but comes out completely filthy.

Yesterday, for the first time EVER I caught myself BEFORE the words left my mouth! (….mostly)

Husband had just returned from an all day fishing trip with our neighbor and neighbor’s twenty something son.
I went out to help.
This involved uncovering the fish cleaning table for them.

Here I have to explain that the fish cleaning table is covered with a fitted canvas to protect it from the elements. And under the canvas Husband has placed two children’s rubber balls to keep the rain from puddling on the canvas.  
I reached under the canvas to remove the balls but recoiled because I saw they were black with mold!
As I pulled my hand back and gasped the words spilled out of my mouth, “Oh! Your balls are covered with…….”  

But then I stopped myself!

Of course, that was the exact moment the men stopped talking.
Our neighbor’s son looked at me and said, “What was that?”

Without missing a beat Husband said, “Actually, that was personal growth!”


  1. Lol...Thank goodness you are married to your filter manager!

  2. LOL...
    Husband...and all those that know you...enjoy your filters...or lack thereof.

  3. :-D I'm glad I had finished my tea becasue I would have spewed tea all over the screen and keyboard from laughing so hard.

  4. you are Donald Trump and I claim my $5 :-)


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