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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How to Fool Yourself into Thinking You’ve Done Something Worthwhile

Another great thing I like about the 'Shackle of Shame' is on those days when I’m less than productive…..when my get up and go, got up and went…..when I didn’t get around to doing  the laundry, gave up on going to the grocery store, never got to the dusting, had take out for dinner…..

I can still feel productive when I look at my wrist and see I’ve ‘accomplished’ those 10,000 steps! 


  1. good for you! 10,000 steps is a great accomplishment! Be proud of it!! Now I should get off the computer and either do some house work or get some steps in - perhaps I should start counting them.....

  2. that's a lot of steps!! I'm lucky to get 3,000...which is probably why I'm not losing weight :)


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