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Friday, March 4, 2016

Totally Out Of My Element

Some of what I've been up to in the ‘Y is for Yellow’ class with CarlaSonheim.
These past two weeks have been about Salvador Dali and learning to do ‘dry brush’ technique.
Also to dare yourself to do something out of your usual comfort zone.
So I tried a landscape and a still life, a psychedelic cow and a celestial 'landscape'. 
With the last one I fell back into my comfort zone with a face.

So I stretched….a little….lol.


  1. Great!!. I love Dali's faces and also the last drawing. Good work!

  2. Absolutely Wonderful! I love the red sofa sitting outside. Come up for a visit and I'll treat you to the Dali for a day!

  3. Stretching out of your comfort zone obviously suits you...good job, these are great :-)

  4. oh Robin, I am loving all of these. they look almost like pastels. So you got this result just with dry brushes? wow, have to try that! Love that last face!

  5. i love the red sofa and the celestial piece. i guess i'm drawn to more abstract pieces! they always leave me wondering. looks like a fun class.


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