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Friday, March 11, 2016


When my mother was in high school the local pottery company ran a contest. They were looking for new/original designs for their line.
She won.
Not surprising, to me anyway. What did surprise me was the result.

The contest winner’s design was going to be produced in volume and sold nationwide in upscale department stores.
I don’t think my mother was to get any monetary compensation, just the prestige and satisfaction of winning and seeing her design for sale.
They were all set up for production until……some bright executive in the company looked at it and said it looked too much like the Nazi swastika! (Context here, c. 1938)


It’s a Native American design! Are you STOOPID?
So production was shut down and they went back to the drawing board (they didn’t ask the high school students for any more ideas….)
But they did run off one set for my mother.
I guess it was a consolation prize.

Now I ask you….does this look ANYTHING like a swastika?????



  1. You're right it doesn't look anything like it! I think it's a great design and would look good being used now.

  2. WTF is right. that is an awesome design, and so timeless.

  3. I'm not seein' it. It's a wonderful design, and it's nice you at least have the one, along with the story behind it.

  4. It's the North American symbol for adolfin isn't it?

    Come on, you haven't got a monopoly on bad puns you know ;-)


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