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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Unexpected Gifts

We lived in our house up north for 21 years. We tore it apart to the studs and put it back together several times renovating it. We thought we knew it inside out. Rafters to crawlspace. Interior and exterior. That is, until Husband did one last walk through on the day we moved out.

He reached into the space between the floorboards of the attic and the ceiling of the garage, just checking one last time and came up with this:
(In case you can’t tell from my very accurate depiction………it’s a gimballed compass in a handmade box.)

We were thrilled. One last gift from the previous owner (and builder of the house.) 
I still say we should have kept looking. I have a feeling there was a bag of money stuffed in there too…….


  1. Jajaja .... You must keep looking! Sure you're rich!!.

  2. That is just so cool! When we replaced our well and pump, we found a jar of old coins, a few silver dollars from the early 1900s. Too worn to be of value, but neat to find.

  3. never found anything nice here (I've lived in this house from new), but when I laid a new wooden floor in my daughter's bedroom, Bethan and I left a photo of her with our dog along with a written message under the flooring :-)

  4. what a great idea to leave a gift behind!

    when i moved here, all i found were photos of the house while under construction. sort of before (empty field) to after (a house waiting for a family).

  5. It was like the house was giving you a farewell gift and saying 'don't forget me' - so sweet :-)


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