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Monday, July 1, 2013

Could Be Worse….

My parents were a wealth of idioms.

To the point of nausea.
I guess that’s why they’re colloquialisms.

One of their favorites was; ‘Could be worse’…..for whatever insignificant problem I was complaining about.
I guess it was to teach me to look on the bright side. (Or just shut me up!)

I find myself uttering the same platitudes to the boys…..’Could be worse’…….
But sometimes I get this niggling feeling….. in the back of my mind……. that as I lay on my deathbed, someone is going to lean down and whisper in my ear…..’Could be worse’……LOL


  1. My mum used to say 'funny though really'...I've even found myself saying it.. HELP!!

  2. Don't we all turn into our mothers at some point? Oh wait, somebody shoot me before that happens!

  3. I'm wondering what could be worse than lying on your deathbed? The hearse has a flat tire? :-D

  4. LOL, my grandmother used to be like that. I enjoyed it a lot actually. With every meal she's say 'that could make a sick horse better'. Fabulous, we don't all need to be original all the time.

  5. Lol, I needed this today. I started with a migraine, had to call Home Depot because my new dishwasher is severely damaged but not on the outside where I could see it so it wasn't noticeable during their 48 hour window of damage control (my son-in-law noticed the damage when he came out to install it for me) and Home Depot says I have to deal with whatever the repairman says to do. For a dishwasher that cost a lot (my husband bought me a nice one)and isn't even installed yet, that's ridiculous. To top it off, my pup left some poop in the dark hallway on a dark rug and yes, I stepped in it! This isn't a good day so seeing your post helps to put it in perspective. I am not on my deathbed so "it could be worse"!

  6. You MUST get the James Stevenson book!

  7. Well yeah...you could not have any life insurance...right?!?


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