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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Creative Constipation

Sometimes I find myself in a state of suspended animation. 
Bouncing from one project to another. Unable to focus on any of them or to make any progress.
At a complete loss.

You know the place.

And it makes me cranky.

I call it creative constipation. (I find it helps to name a state of mind that annoys you. It gives it form. Something to aim at. Plus it’s funny.)

Over the years Husband has come to recognize this condition and doesn’t take my grouchiness personally.
Now he just hands me Tablet and says, “Draw something!”

Have I told you lately I’m married to a very smart man? 


  1. oh, very smart chap!
    Now, if he fetched coffee and cake too, he'd be perfect :)

  2. :-D and what have you drawn on Tablet?

  3. yes...he is very smart...and i'll bet he'd serve you coffee and cake if you asked! and...just as an aside...I thought...that bouncing was totally normal for us creative types!!!

  4. I get this way when I have too many things going and something isn't working on one of them. It makes the whole bunch of projects stall. I never quite thought of it as "constipation". Guess that means we need some fiber, some basics. Yes, I guess drawing something would be getting back to basics even done on a tablet!

  5. I call it, "Chasing my tail." I am very good at it (and at least I get some exercise ;)). Keep on drawin'!


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