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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monday? Thursday? Sunday……….?

When we first moved down here I reveled in the lack of winter and seasonal changes.
The first Christmas was so liberating. We had the house wide open. We even swam in the pool in our Santa hats! (Note: we don’t have a heated pool! Silly Northerners!)

But I soon found myself missing the seasonal indications of passing time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss northern winters………at all. (Well, maybe just a little during a hot flash.)

But I never realized how much I depended on these signals.

Up north the days grow shorter and cooler. The trees start to drop their leaves and you know it’s time to start decorating and readying for Halloween.

Down here the trees drop their leaves whenever they damn well feel like it. The Bottlebrush tree drops its leaves and blooms ALL THE TIME…ALL OVER THE DRIVEWAY! But I digress…..

Down here if it wasn’t for the grocery stores putting out gargantuan sized bags of candy I’d never know it’s time to stock up for trick or treaters.
I was never a big mall shopper, so Christmas also sneaks up on me. I don’t see all the decorations in the stores because I don’t GO to the stores.

There are subtle changes of season down here. And the longer I live here the more attuned I become to them. But it’s still not the same.

Now I’ve lost my last bastion of ever knowing.

Since Husband’s retirement I have no idea what day of the week it is. Weekday? Weekend? They all blend together.
Not that it really matters.
But it’s totally weird.


  1. Just use your smart phone. It will tell you ;)

  2. I just ask husband what day it is, lol :)

  3. A month of Sundays sounds wonderful!

  4. Totally! When I first moved here, the first year or two I was really confused about the seasons. Now that I'm retired I sometimes don't know what day it is. BTW, when I had a pool, it was heated, tee hee.

  5. My daughter bought me a day clock! When I remember to look at it, it really does tell me what day it is. Mostly, I use Elizabeth's method as I have my phone with me all the time. What's the date - look at my Iphone. What day is it - look at my Iphone. Who am I - look at my Iphone. ;-)

  6. I live in a world of 4 seasons - spring is mud season, summer is daylight season (or fire season), fall is the beginning of winter season (and only lasts about 2 weeks) and winter is dark and cold season and lasts a good long time. I am not complaining as I would miss them if I didn't have them. As for days of the week - I struggle with that even though I am not retired yet!

  7. It's totally WONDERFUL to me!!! No schedule AT ALL. Well...mostly. And hey. Florida does have seasons. We have hurricane season, snowbird season, rainy season, alligator crossing over land season...and I'm sure there are a few more escaping my not-yet-caffeinated mind!

  8. That must be really weird. I cannot imagine NOT knowing the day of the week let alone the season. Mondays is God- the- weekend- went- too- fast- day, Tuesday is getting closer to hump day, WEdnesday is hump day, Thursday is one day closer to Friday and Friday, you know, is thank God it IS Friday.


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