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Monday, July 8, 2013


I’ve been having soooo much fun with my new stamps!
‘Building’ apartments and creating streets scenes (I think I must have been an architect in a former life, LOL.)

I want to share my glee!

So, anyone who would like a set of (six) blank note cards just e-mail me (link on sidebar →) your name and address and I’ll pop a packet in the post!
Free, no charge, gratis, complimentary……..
Anyone, anywhere (all I ask is non US residents please type out your address the way it should appear on the label. I get confused as to where to put ‘territory’ and postal codes for foreign addresses.)

These just make me  J  
I hope they make you smile too!

Each set is six different designs. (Pen not included, it's just there for artistic purposes!)


  1. Why not? Just for fun is fun! I'd like a set. I might even add a bit of color before sending one off to someone. Thanks! This is so nice of you.

  2. What a great idea and how generous of you to send them anywhere! To be fair I won't add my name as the cost would be awful, probably, but I applaud you for doing these. They look so good ツ

  3. very cool....your are so nice :)

  4. Wow! They ARE pretty cool.


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